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The officers were three times less likely to shoot unarmed black suspects than unarmed white suspects and took significantly longer to decide to shoot armed black suspects than armed white suspects. James hypothesized that officers were second-guessing themselves when confronting black suspects, due to their awareness of the potential negative repercussions of shooting a black suspect.

  • Some patrols give out traffic tickets.
  • Even when you become an officer, you might still have to be trained in order to use new equipment as technology becomes more advanced.
  • As part of the training for this device, officers must also be tasered in order to use the device on suspects Ferguson,
  • They have many daily routines depending on the officer.
  • Layoffs are rare because retirements enable most staffing cuts to be handled through attrition.
  • In any job situation, an employee who is satisfied with their position will perform far better than those who are not.
  • In bigger cities, police departments give classroom instructions in laws, accident investigation, city ordinances, and traffic control.
  • Most enforcement officers have to stay in their designated areas, or jurisdiction, and respond to any calls or monitor the area.
  • History and Government, chemistry, and physics.

Fryer found that police officers in Houston research paper on being a police officer nearly 24 percent less likely to shoot blacks than whites p. In a data set comprising officer shootings from Dallas, Austin, Houston, Los Angeles and six Florida counties, he found that officers were 47 percent less likely to discharge their weapon without first being attacked if the suspect was black than if the suspect was white p.

Academic research on police shootings and race

Fryer also research paper on being a police officer that blacks in New York City were more likely than whites to have non-lethal force used against them during pedestrian stops.

But the cursory forms filled out by officers after a stop do not convey the intensity or exact details of suspect resistance. A March study of the Philadelphia Police Department by the Justice Department found that black and Hispanic officers were more likely than white officers to shoot unarmed black individuals under the mistaken belief that those individuals were armed.

Detectives and special agents work in regular clothes.

Police Officers and Job Satisfaction

Most detectives are part of regular police forces. Special agents work for Federal and State agencies. They file reports about what they have done during the day. Most research paper on being a police officer work on foot or research paper on being a police officer in cars. Some, however, ride horses, bikes, or Nafeo writers of passage essay competition Some work in boats on rivers and in harbors.

Some police work with dogs. Most police and detectives work at least 40 hours a week. They are there to catch any suspected criminals, resolve problems within the community, and enforce traffic laws. The purpose of the reports is basically to record the incidents just in case the police need to bring up the case again.

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Not all law enforcement officers have the same particular duties however. There are many types of law enforcers but the two main types of police are the local and state police. Local police deal with urban policing while the state police deal with mostly highway patrol and safety. The state police are mainly for catching criminals statewide and highway patrol in which they give tickets, or citations, to people who disobey speed limit laws or any other traffic laws in general. State police are also available to direct traffic in the incident of an accident as well as giving first aid and calling for emergency equipment FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin, There are many other positions in the police other than just being a plain officer.

In many cities, officers can have jobs such as police chiefs, precinct sergeants and captains, desk officers, booking officers, police inspectors, identification officers, complaint evaluation supervisors and officers, and crime prevention officers.

There are also internal affairs investigators who are employed to police the police to help prevent corruption. Other specialized police officers include police commanding officers, who act as supervisors in missing persons and fugitive investigations, and officers who investigate and pursue non-payment and fraud fugitives. Also many police departments hire police clerks who perform administrative and community-oriented tasks.

There are many other jobs that one case study gunshot wound all depends on what a person is interested in doing and how well they will be in that area Recruiting research paper on being a police officer Emotion and Market Positioning, In order for someone to become a police research paper on being a police officer, or any type of job in law enforcement, they must meet some requirements.

Majority of police departments require that applicants have a high school education and have some type of work-related experience. For example, in Precinct One, there are five police officers who have obtained Master Level education, how does their field performance reflect their job satisfaction?

Is there a signification correlation between a police officers education and their performance when they are in the field? This example of field surveying will be used for all three variables of education, organizational culture, and societal support.

The questionnaire would be sampled research paper on being a police officer one found in a previous study in College of Police literature review of ehr Security Studies, Slovenia.

Questions would include the following: Do you feel your organization supports your decisions? Do you get a feeling of self-esteem from doing your job?

Do you feel you have had the adequate education to fulfill your job requirements? Do you receive regard from others in the organization? Does your community support essay writing on newspaper police? Do you have opportunity for independent thought and action in your job?

Do you feel have authority in your work?